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Are you tired of going into the studio and recording a dope track, that you know has the potential of being something big, but when you go to mix it yourself or pay someone it ends up sounding like garbage? Do you want to finally release an album that actually sounds like a professional album that could sit on the shelves next to some of your favorite artist albums versus sounding like a mixtape that some engineered in their bedroom and uploaded to Datpiff?

Listen I understand your frustration, and have a solution for you!

Instead of having to compromise for the sound you want by dealing with inexperienced engineers, or spending your own time having to mix or learn to mix your own songs why not choose Young N’ Driven Beats to mix your songs and/or projects. You already can trust us and know us for supplying high quality bangin beats. Now let us make sure you get a great finished project by using our ears.

Alot of times when working with other engineers they may change the sonic vision you initially had simply because they dont know the song. By you working with Young N’ Driven Beats you wont have that problem because by us being producers we will understand YOU the, artist, vision, and if you buy beats from us (Which You probably Already Do) we will already be familiar with the track.

What You Need To Do

    • Provide only the audio files you want us to mix. No extra unused files or midi files.
    • Label all audio files correctly (ie: Kick, Snr, Lead V, BG Voc, etc…)
    • If any major editing needs to be made make sure you do it before sending any files. (Anything that is left in the audio files will be mixed in)
    • Convert any Midi files to audio files
    • Send consolidated audio files that all start at the same time session time of 0:00:00:00
    • We prefer that you send dry audio files with no processing or effects, but if you have special effect that you need please print it on the audio file50
    • Please only send exported .Wav files


What You Get

      • Turn around Time of 7-10 business days. Depending on the size of the project and how many songs you want us to mix your turn around might be alot sooner. But either way we guarantee a turn around of no longer than 7-10 business days. If you need a rushed turn around time please contact us for more details.
      • Up to 3 revisions. After we send you our completed mix you have the opportunity to listen and ask for any changes you feel are needed. You can do this for up to 3 times for free of charge.
      • After payment is received you will be given access to upload you files to a private dropbox folder that will only be shared between us and you, so there will be no fear in your song being leaked.
      • Full mix of your song including vocal, and instrumentation. Unlimited track counts with no hourly rate. The mix of each song will be $150 unless extra services are needed (ie, faster turnaround, mastering, etc…)


To get started today, or if you have any questions please email me at or call 515-992-6410

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